Asheville Travel Guide

Since moving to Florida, I haven’t seen snow in 2 years. To many, this may be a blessing. However, growing up the first snowfall of the year signified Christmas was coming – a feeling I will never forget. I decided I didn’t want to go another winter to go by without seeing snow, so I decided to book a vacation to Asheville, North Carolina with my boyfriend. As a born and raised Floridian – my boyfriend had only seen snow a handful of times. We packed the warmest clothes we could find (a struggle, seeing as a leather jacket is considered a “winter jacket” in Florida!) and drove 8 hours to Asheville. Our week long stay was nothing short of incredible and had the incredible opportunity to explore, eat (copious amounts, I might add) and meet some great people. I enjoyed our stay so much I wanted to create an ‘Asheville Travel Guide’ complete with my recommendations! Enjoy!


Asheville has a refreshing assortment of local, homegrown restaurants. This departure from chain restaurants makes Asheville a hotspot for delicious eats. While we aren’t the biggest drinkers, we do enjoy food. A lot. In fact I’m pretty sure we ate our way through Asheville. Here are some of our favorite restaurants we visited:


Y’all know I love a good cafe. Green Sage Cafe offers a colourful selection of delicious food made from natural, organic and local ingredients. Green Sage Cafe’s mission is “to make nourishing food for our community using sustainable practises”. Green Sage Cafe respects food sensitive diets by providing gluten sensitive, vegan vegetarian and humanly raised meat options. This restaurant has an extensive selection of tea and coffee – with several recipes on and off the menu. I was told Derek’s “Black Diamond” was a favorite among locals. Comprised of almond milk, mocha powder, vanilla and a sprinkle of peppermint – it is a must try! I enjoyed the Colossal Falafel Burger (with green herb mayo) with the most delicious sweet potato fries I’ve had in a long time. I left wishing there was a Green Sage Cafe in Orlando as it would be frequented often! This is a must try when visiting Asheville!