Reality Check: EMF Box

Reality Check: EMF Box

Updated: Wednesday, July 1 2015, 09:08 PM EDT

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- An Asheville company is selling green technology it says will save you money.

It's a small box they say cleans up "dirty energy" and reduces your electric bill. But does it work? 

Tom Gadsden with Lucent Green Technology says their box saves energy by acting like a filter for electro-magnetic energy. 

Gadsden says this will create a cleaner environment with lower levels of EMF radiation.  

"It'll clean and condition every bit of their electricity making it more efficient," Gadsden said. 

EMF believers say the electrical waves can cause numerous ailments including migraines, depression and even cancer.  

But experts dispute the health hazards; the World Health Organization says "no major public health risks have emerged from several decades of emf research, but uncertainties remain."

Duke Energy spokeswoman Meghan Musgrave says,  "Duke Energy has proven that these devices do not reduce EMF or energy use."

Gadsden says Duke's response is to be expected. 

"A electric company is not going to endorse power management," Gadsden said. "Because that would actually lower your electrical consumption."

Gadsden isn't phased by skeptics and neither are his customers.

Owner of Asheville's Sun Soo Karate School Tony Morris had the Power Perfect Box installed last year and says it has cut his electrical bills down by 15 percent. 

"Our energy consumption with everything total was about $800 a month, so we've saved somewhere around $150 a month."

The Perfect Power Boxes can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,500. 

Lucent Green Technologies says they typically pay for themselves in power savings in just 2 years.