our mission

These are our commitments to our community.



Plant-based + 95% Organic Produce

Our menu items contain a lot of whole plants because plant-based eating is a key to good health. Eating mostly plants is a key to good health. Eating organic food has been linked to a lower cancer rate and fewer toxic chemicals in our bodies.


We do not consider the current genetically modified foods on the market to be healthy food. Therefore we do not use genetically modified soy, apples, corn, canola, or zucchini.

Thoughtfully Sourced

We like to know where our food comes from. We work meticulously with local farmers and food suppliers to insure we know what we are serving our customers.

Our Beef is local and grass-fed. Our salmon is wild-caught from Alaska. Our meats and dairy products are from responsible companies that raise animals humanely, without antibiotics or growth hormones.

no unnatural ingredients

With the help of our food consultant, we inspect every ingredient in each menu item to ensure that we use only the purest and the fewest ingredients possible. We do not use food additives, toxic chemicals, or artificial preservatives.

Healthy & Nourishing

Our kitchen makes our food, including all of our soups, sauces, dressings, biscuits, and baked items.

PFC-free cookware

Our cookware is free of Teflon and other perfluoralkyl substances that are now known to be harmful to your health. We use an eco-friendly line of cookware with a stone-derived non-stick coating.


We drink water everyday & It makes up 80% of our bodies.

This means that drinking pure water is extremely important to our health. Our water is activated carbon filtered in order to remove chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). In our new Merrimon location, we have expanded and now offer high pH reverse osmosis triple filtered water so as to also remove fluoride. Enjoy in the cafe or take some bottled for your next work out.


We proudly serve Larry’s Coffee, one of America’s first roasters to commit to 100% Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown coffee.  

Larry’s is devoted to pushing the boundaries of flavor, offering Master Farmer Microlots, Beta Roasts and Cask-Aged coffees.  As a certified B-Corp, Larry’s is part of a global movement that aims to make business a powerful force for good.



Our business model, and our name, is grounded in sustainability and respect for the planet. We strive to use energy from renewable sources, divert waste from the landfill, and buy local, organic and plant-based ingredients.

We were the first restaurant in downtown Asheville to incorporate solar thermal panels into our hot water system. Our Westgate location utilizes solar photovoltaic panels to generate enough electricity to run the LED lights. We have partnered with Arcadia Power to replace all of our company's coal-generated electricity with renewable wind-powered electrons.

We divert approximately 95% of our waste from the landfill. Most of our waste by weight is food scraps, which we send along with all cardboard packaging and recyclable containers to commercial composting and recycling centers. Even our take out food and beverage containers are compostable. The trash we have left after recycling is only minimal, comparable to what a typical family household would produce. To encourage others to join us in the mission to reduce waste, we donate 10¢ to our local environmental charity, Asheville GreenWorks, for every Green Sage juice bottle that is returned to us, and 10¢ is also donated for every mug, cup, or jar used in lieu of our to-go ware.

Purchasing local, organic and plant-based ingredients reduces our carbon footprint and promotes sustainable agriculture. Most of our food purchases are plant-based, and 95% of our produce is organically grown. Many of our products come from small, local businesses and farms. We also source non-GMO ingredients that do not rely on industrial farming with Round-Up or other pesticides.

Our green practices are better for our bodies, and better for the planet.