Cup Worthy Program: Reducing Waste One Cup at a Time

Did you know that Americans use an estimated 16 billion paper coffee cups annually? This translates to over 6.5 million trees cut down per year! In order to counter these unsustainable practices, we are launching our Cup Worthy program to encourage the use of reusable mugs while also supporting local community efforts.

Here is how it works: bring your own travel mug to Green Sage Cafe for your to-go beverage order and we will donate 20 cents to a Cup Worthy local nonprofit of the month. October initiates the start of our Cup Worthy program, our first recipient is MANNA FoodBank.

Serving Western North Carolina, MANNA FoodBank is an accredited member of Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. An appalling statistic shows that 1 out of 6 of our neighbors struggles to put food on their table. Just $1 donated to MANNA provides enough food for three meals, demonstrating that even dimes can go a long way.

“The support of our community and our local business is critical,” says Becky Upham, Communications and Marketing Director of MANNA FoodBank, “now more than ever as so many families in Western North Carolina struggle to put food on the table.”

So the next time you head over to one of our cafes, grab your travel mug and help us reduce waste, support the local community, and create a more sustainable future.