Discover Recover

Discover Recover

Green Sage Café is proud to support local, sustainable and conscious businesses like Recover. We partner with Recover to provide eco-friendly apparel for our staff and customers. 

Recover, located in Hickory, NC, is a clothing company that not only reduces the environmental impact of its garments, but also makes a statement about society, industry, and the planet.

Bill Johnston, Co-Founder and President, shares his story, vision, and aspirations for Recover in the interview below.

What is Recover Brands? 

Recover Brands is an apparel manufacturer based in Western North Carolina. Everything we make comes from 100% recycled materials and our mission is to produce the most ecologically friendly and socially responsible apparel possible.

By using our brand as an educational tool to help people make responsible consumer decision and be good stewards of the environment, we strive to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry.

What inspired you to start Recover?

We started Recover out of a deep passion for the outdoors and environmentalism. John and I both are big outdoors guys and we also have textile backgrounds. Combining those interests with the lack of eco-friendly products on the market, we came up with the idea for Recover.  

Our goal from the beginning has been to make high-end products that are made as environmentally friendly and socially beneficial as possible, from beginning to end.  Ultimately we wanted to give consumers another option; something that could feel good about supporting, something that they knew where it come from, and something that they could be proud to wear.

How did you decide on the name "Recover"?

We feel the name Recover demonstrates the desire to always be better. Whether it’s with our products, personal strength and goals, the environment, etc. Recover is all about improvement. It can mean whatever you want it mean, but ultimately it shows the pursuit to do better.

How is Recover different from other recycled clothing lines?

All of the products that are made entirely from recycled materials – 100%.  We use post consumer plastic – PET – and post industrial cotton scraps.  As mentioned, we’re always trying to improve, and that shows in our products.  Each production round gets better and better and the products get softer and more durable. We have worked diligently to find the right blends, fabric weights, and garment cuts to make the best-recycled product on the market. Learn more about the Recover process here.

In addition to the product itself, we also take great pride in building a brand that people can relate to.  Recover is more than just a product, it’s a lifestyle. We’re a boutique manufacturer and a small business that people can relate to.  

What aspirations do you have for your business?

Ultimately we want to educate consumers about the environment and the products that they’re buying, and by doing that we want Recover to grow into the number 1 eco-friendly apparel manufacturer on the market.  Our growth has been very organic as our sales and marketing has a grassroots approach.

With the desire to constantly improve, we want to keep doing what we’re doing and share the Recover story.  By doing that, we feel that we can achieve our goals.

What does "Nourishing Life" mean to you?

To me, Nourishing Life, much like Recover, is the pursuit to a healthy and sustainable life, not just for yourself but for others and for future generations.

To learn more about Recover Brands, visit All three Green Sage Cafe locations have Recover t-shirts available for purchase.