Our Quest for the Perfect Bread

We set out on the search for one bread that could elevate the experience of our burgers, sandwiches and bagels. We wanted less bread, more flavor and of course, nutritious whole grains.

 We are proud to introduce our discovery, the Multigrain OneBun™ from Ozery Bakery.

It is a thin sandwich bun loaded with tasty whole grains and seeds. Featuring nine nutritious grains, crushed flax seeds and absolutely nothing artificial, it makes for a hearty sandwich baseThe OneBun allows the flavors of our sandwich and burger ingredients to shine, enhancing the Green Sage experience with every bite.

Ozery Bakery is a family-owned bakery in Canada that possesses a multicultural background and philosophy of eating healthy, wholesome food.  Learn more about the business started with a father and two sons at the video below.