Hickory Nut Gap Farm: Humanely-Raised Meats

Green Sage Cafe visited Hickory Nut Gap Farm to talk about sustainability. The farm is a beautiful place to visit. The Agers take care to educate the community about farm animals and sustainability. Green Sage Cafe chooses producers who share our values of respect for the planet and all the creatures on it.  We had a wonderful day visiting the fields and learning about how the animals help the ecosystem.

Well-managed grazing and grass-fed operations are better for the environment. They use fewer energy-intensive inputs and, by regularly moving animals to fresh pasture and keeping them away from streambeds, they spread the manure more evenly and improve the quality and quantity of forage growth. This helps to conserve soil, reduce erosion and water pollution, increase carbon sequestration and preserve biodiversity and wildlife (Johnson 2002, FAO 2009, Pelletier 2010).

Jamie Ager showed us the farm and this process in action for both the cattle and the pigs. The pigs play an important role in the environmental development of the pasture land. They are used to clear the land.

Pigs are sociable, intelligent and very active. A woodland pig covers an average of nine miles a day exploring and rooting for food. The mother pigs make nests for their young who, as they grow bigger, play and race around, wandering off on their own or joining a group. In animal factories these natural behaviours are denied to them and they become aggressive, depressed and unhealthy.

Green Sage Cafe believes that animals should be raised outdoors, have access to fresh clean water and be able to express their natural behaviors. Hickory Nut Gap Farm provides all of these benefits to their animals and we are able to provide healthy proteins for you.