Guest Blog: Green Sage’s Quest for Sustainability chooses Lucent Green Technology’s Power Perfect Boxes manufactured by Satic Inc. 

Author: Jerrod Brown

Editor:  Lynn D. Churchill, PhD  

Organization:  Satic Incorporated 

The three P’s, “pillars of sustainability”, are people, planet and profit.  Sustainable organizations elect to consider the Triple Bottom Line (TBL or 3BL) when making conscious business decisions.  Essentially the conscientious sustainable economic model varies from standard capitalism economy in that it considers the impact of business actions based on factors other than just economic profit and expanding their business.  Sustainable businesses will generally be more conscious of stewardship and are active in civic and community activities. 

Satic Power Perfect Boxes fit into the sustainability economic design in several ways.  Satic equipment provides five primary benefits to consumers who install energy management systems.  The system acts as a voltage regulator, micro-surge suppressor, voltage harmonics filter (EMI), electromagnetic radiation reducer (EMR), and electrical efficiency enhancer.  These features each have effects beneficial to the people, planet and profit; Triple Bottom Line.   

Each feature has benefits for sustainability minded establishments such as the Green Sage Restaurant. 

Voltage Regulation – Alternating Current (AC) flows in a sine wave pattern.  In the USA, AC electricity operates at 60 Hz, positive to negative and experiencing fluctuations in potential with each cycle.  Regulating the voltage potential will offer benefits such as enhanced equipment longevity and a small reduction in total energy requirements.  Sustainably speaking, on a small scale this will benefit the planet by reducing technical waste and enhance the potential for profit by reducing overhead and replacement costs. 

Surge Suppression – AC electricity typically has hundreds of transient voltage signatures in each cycle. Voltage transients are created by internal and external environmental effects such as utility lines spiking, the cycling of electrical equipment, and a menagerie of other causes.  In general, transients are small spikes in the electrical potential often peaking significantly above the desired voltage.  These spikes can and do damage equipment, often requiring replacement or repair.  Sustainably speaking, this will benefit the planet by reducing waste and increasing profit by reducing replacement costs and repair bills. 

Harmonics Reduction (EMI) – Similar to voltage transient signatures, AC electricity in the modern technical world has voltage harmonics.  These are created both inside and outside of any business or residential electrical system.  Harmonics in the voltage develop from a multitude of sources including smart meters, neighbors’ electrical systems that share the same transformer and almost all equipment running on a company or residential electrical system.  Harmonics are little ripples in the 60 Hz sine wave; there can be thousands of ripples riding on each cycle of AC power.  Voltage harmonics increase energy requirements as they increase heat within the electrical system.  Harmonics also increase the heat created by every piece of equipment plugged into the power system reducing efficiency and increasing energy losses. This can only cause additional damage and wear which certainly contributes to equipment failure.  Sustainably speaking, this will benefit the planet by reducing heat, reducing waste, reducing fuel requirements to generate power and benefit profits by reducing overhead and replacement costs.  

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) – The magnitude of EMR is a result of the frequency and charge potential, the Hz and volts.  Harmonic ripples in the voltage when discussing EMR result in significantly stronger levels of radiation.  The Power Perfect Box filters out the harmonic ripples resulting in a significant reduction in the radiation from the electrical system.  EMR effects everyone, yet there are some members (7%-12%) of our community who are more sensitive to this radiation and are known as being electrohypersensitive.  This radiation has been linked to a myriad of health effects such as; headaches, seizures, autism, diabetes, cancer, bleeding, sleeplessness, restlessness, fibromyalgia, aggravating lymes disease and dozens more symptoms and maladies.  Sustainably speaking this will benefit the people who patron or work at Green Sage Restaurant by providing them with a cleaner healthier environment. 
For more information about the potential health effects of EMF/EMI/EMR please investigate the “2014 Supplement to the Bioinitiative Report 2012”   

Efficiency – The Power Perfect Box addresses a number of electro-magnetic issues in the Green Sage Restaurant which will result in an increase in total electric efficiency.  In layperson’s terms, the Power Perfect Box is like a filter for electricity.  When total system efficiency for Green Sage is increased then there is a commensurate reduction in the power required by the facility and a resultant reduction in charges by the utility company. Sustainably speaking this will benefit the planet by reducing fuels required for power generation and benefit the profit by reducing overhead and replacement costs. 

Green Sage Cafe has diligently sought after sustainable solutions for its business enterprise. The Power Perfect Box benefits all three considerations in a Triple Bottom Line sustainable economic perspective; economy, ecology, and equity.  Truly a perfect partnership.  

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