Guest Blog: Green Sage Café Advocates Economic Sustainability through Sustainably Sourcing Coffee

Guest Blog: Green Sage Café Advocates Economic Sustainability through Sustainably Sourcing Coffee

By Thrive Farmers Coffee


Our mission at THRIVE Farmers is changing the way the world sources coffee in order to create economic sustainability for the coffee farmer. To cultivate change at scale, partnerships with companies who have a mission for impact, like Green Sage Café, are key for farmer sustainability.

It all began when our co-founder, Kenneth Lander, experienced the inequitable cycle firsthand. Trying to capture more revenue from the end sale, he and his neighboring farmers processed the coffees they grew in Costa Rica and sold roasted beans to tourists passing through. In 2011 he partnered with Michael Jones, an industrious entrepreneur from Atlanta. The two created THRIVE Farmers to bring economic sustainability to farmers across the globe and to deliver specialty-grade, farmer-direct coffee to the Green Sage Café and coffee lovers across the nation.

THRIVE Farmers’ transformative revenue-sharing model provides economic sustainability to farmers by bypassing the commodity market. When farmers have stable income from pre-negotiated prices, regardless of fluctuations in the market, and maintain ownership as a stakeholder until the point of sale where coffee has the highest value, they receive stable, predictable wages determined by the value of the product instead of the volatile commodities market. This returns up to 10 times more net income to farmers than conventional market strategies.

“Our focus will always be providing economic sustainability through building strong, transparent and fair relationships with farmers,” said Kenneth Lander, founder and chief sustainability officer of THRIVE Farmers. “Without sufficient resources, a farmer cannot begin to look into the future because of short-term economic pressures to provide for his or her family. Once a farmer has a stable, predictable wage, being a grower is powerful because he or she can focus on building an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable business without detriment to his or her family.”

Certified Organic Coffee from Huehuetenango

Via the THRIVE Farmers platform, Green Sage Café sustainably sources its current certified organic coffee offering from ACODIHUE, a primarily female led association in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

The 50 women in this area have been farming in the association for more than 35 years. Through THRIVE Farmers, Green Sage Café directly connects YOU to these growers, after a long journey from seed to your cup.

The Huehuetenango coffee region is in the highlands of northwestern Guatemala and is known for producing some of the finest organic coffee in the country. The coffee in this region is grown between 1,800 and 1,900 meters in altitude.  Association members practicing organic methods invest a great deal of diligence and care to achieve the best beans possible.

Organic coffee farming encourages environmental sustainability by using only organic materials to fertilize plants and prevent illness or plagues. Organic materials are used instead of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides typically used in conventional farming practices.

As certified organic farmers, these women have the ability to earn more revenue because of the quality of the coffee and demand from organic consumers. Although there is added revenue from these additional certifications, the partnership between THRIVE Farmers and Green Sage Café enable these growers to earn higher net income, which provides stable, predictable wages. 

Purchase Power

We are passionate about our farmers and their commitment to producing coffee. Keep drinking our farmer-direct, certified organic coffee from Green Sage Café and together we can create a better future for the coffee farmers from Huehuetenango.

Green Sage Cafe currently sells certified organic Medium, Dark and Espresso Blend coffee from Huehuetenenago, Guatemala. 12oz Whole Bean bags of Medium and Dark blends are also available for purchase at all three Green Sage Cafe locations.