Dishware that Makes Sense

At Green Sage Cafe finding the ideal, most sustainable dishware has been the ultimate challenge.

We opened our first restaurant in 2008 with typical heavy duty china dishes that were clunky and difficult for customers to bus to our composting and recycle station. At our second location, we opened up with so-called “green” dishware that was a composite made with bamboo. Sadly, these dishes were expensive, chipped and stained easily and could not be recycled.  At our new Westgate location, we started off with beautiful, expensive porcelain dishes that looked great but broke easily and black melamine platters that were light and durable, but not recyclable or particularly environmentally friendly.

All of these disappointments caused us to embark on a mission to find the best dishware solution. Our goal was to find dishes that were durable, lightweight and at the end of their life--recyclable. We chanced upon stainless steel plates used by campers that gave us the idea of a metal direction. It took six months for us to assemble a full set of dishes that would be ideal for our menu.

We found small mixing bowls for our salad bowls, double-walled stainless steel serving bowls for our soup and rice bowls, old-timey steak platters for our breakfast and dinner plates, modern stainless steel cups for our fries and pastry display plates for our small plates. We are excited about our new dishes for a variety of reasons: stainless steel is light, durable, long-lasting, low-cost, recyclable, and inexpensive to ship.  We also hope that the light-weight and durable nature of the dishes will make it easier for our guests to help us bus their table.

Ultimately, Green Sage Cafe embraced stainless steel dishes because they are infinitely reusable and a much better alternative to the throw-away paper, styrofoam and plastic dishes at most quick service restaurants that produce mountains of waste destined for the landfill. We know our stainless steel dishes aren’t aesthetically perfect but that is what sustainability is all about, making the best decision that is good for the environment, good for you, and good for our business.

We fell in love with our new stainless dishes and hope that overtime you will come to love them too.  Whether you might use them for camping, picnics, or as an alternative to plastic dishes for young kids, we have decided to make them available to you on our retail shelves. Visit any Green Sage Cafe location and you can purchase affordable dishware that could last a lifetime.