Veggie Salt: Our House-made Specialty Seasoning

In honor of National More Herbs, Less Salt Day, we would like to celebrate our house-made, more nutritious seasoning: Veggie Salt! By using the byproduct of our juicers, we are able to create a delicious 4-to-1 blend of organic vegetables to Sea Salt.

Behind the scenes at our Westgate location, our kitchen team creates our specialty seasoning twice a week to be used in all three of our restaurants. The organic vegetable pulp from the store’s fresh pressed juices is dehydrated, blended, and then hand-mixed with sea salt. The prepared mixture yields a seasoning with four parts vegetable to one part salt. Depending on what juices are ordered on the day of creation, each batch comes out slightly different, guarantying a unique taste each time it hits your taste buds.

We season almost all of our dishes with our Veggie Salt including both our russet and sweet potato fries, helping reduce the amount of sodium in our dishes. Excess sodium can result in high pressure which puts stress on the heart, increasing the risk of stroke as well as heart and kidney disease. At Green Sage Café, it is our goal to review all of our recipes and reduce the amount of sodium intake by enhancing the flavor with herbs instead of salt. Our Veggie Salt is just one of the ways we carry out our mission to provide nourishing food for our community using sustainable practices.

Happy National More Herbs, Less Salt Day!