Lenny Boy is a local, organic microbrewery in Charlotte, NC that provides their delicious Kombucha that pairs well with food. Lenny Boy Kombucha has half the calories, half the sugar and a drier finish that most kombuchas. If you are unfamiliar with kombucha, it is  a naturally sparkling cultured tea. It is semi-sweet & tart and aids in digestion & immune health. Learn more at our blog.

Flavor Varieties and Ingredients:

  • Good Ol' Ginger: Filtered Alkaline Water, Kombucha Culture, Ginger, Molasses, Green Tea, and Cane Sugar.

  • Dry Hop: Filtered Water, Kombucha Culture, Cascade Hops from BlueRidge Hop Farm in Madison County, and Cane Sugar. 

  • Elite Beet: Filtered Alkaline Water, Kombucha Culture, Beets, Ginger, Green Tea, and Cane Sugar. 

  • Wake Up Call: Green Tea, Kombucha Culture, Yerba Mate from Maté Factor, Blueberries, Nettle Leaf, and Cane Sugar.