the juicery


At Green Sage Cafe, we care about the well-being of our community and our customers. This is why we are excited to bring cold-pressed juice to our menu.

We are implementing a chef-driven program that utilizes state of the art technology and fresh organic produce to ensure that you get the highest quality juice experience available. As the new juicer manager, I am a plant-based chef with nearly a decade of experience with award-winning restaurants and holistic healing retreat centers. I am excited to apply my experience and my palette to craft Green Sage Cafe’s truly delicious and nutritious juice blends.

Our new cold-pressed process has numerous benefits over the centrifugal process we have used in the past. Cold-pressed juicing reduces heat and oxidation leaving more nutrients intact while reducing waste by extracting up to 30% more juice from the produce. This means that you are getting a more concentrated juice – a vitamin and mineral powerhouse! And the quality nutrients endure. Cold-pressed juice has a shelf-life of up to four days compared to the 15 minutes to one-hour shelf-life of centrifugal juice. That means you could drink half now and half later, and rest assured that the juice will be as nutritious as ever.  

But the best news is the way it tastes! We trust you will agree that the new juices are more vibrant, flavorful, and consistent, plus they have that smooth and refreshing texture that you can only get from a cold-pressed juice.

Organic produce is a baseline for Green Sage Cafe. We are proud to offer juice that is made with 100% organic produce, making it more beneficial for the health of your body and the environment.

We invite you to DRINK PURE JUICE! As of February 2019, you can get bottled juice in all four locations, so come taste the changes we’re making for the better here at Green Sage Cafe.  

Yours in Health,

Arrow GrEy

Vegan Chef, Health Coach, and Green Sage Juicery Consultant