our new partner


Meet Our New Partner and All-Around Great Guy, Jason SellErs.

Green Sage is excited to announce our partnership with the local chef and owner of the restaurant Plant.  Jason Sellers is not only an amazing chef, winning several national awards, but also just an amazing guy. Wanting to expand our plant-based menu items, we are working with Jason to make our bowls and salads even better tasting and more nutrient-rich.  

Jason Sellers trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, in New York City, and has this to say about being a chef:  “As a young adult I fell in love with food and with the joy of eating.  Being a chef provides me an opportunity to enjoy food and to think about its meaning, its source, and its power to transform the world.  Every day, I imagine what thrills lie in exploring various ways to transform raw ingredients; to me, that is why kitchens exist.”

We will be rolling out Jason’s new bowls, salads and soups at our new Merrimon location.  From the Red Lentil Indian Sambar soup, to the Asian flavors of the Forbidden City, to the new Kale Caesar salad, we hope you will enjoy our new, very healthy, menu additions.