Introducing our new charity initiative


We know our glass juice bottles are beautiful, but did you know we reuse them?

Single use plastics are filling up landfills and our oceans. We have committed to using glass for not only our own health but for the health of our planet too. Glass is hard to recycle but it’s easy to reuse, but we need your help.

Return your bottle.

Reduce waste.

Give green.

For every bottle returned, we donate 10¢ to our local environmental warriors, Asheville GreenWorks. They use those dollars to enhance and conserve our community through volunteer-led efforts like clean-up projects, educational outreach, and recycling programs.

Also, every time you bring a reusable container for your to-go beverage or takeout food, Green Sage rewards your commitment to the environment by donating 10¢ to Asheville GreenWorks.

Join us in changing the world one bottle or mug at a time.